White Widow Strain

White Widow strain is a widely popular hybrid cannabis since the early ’90s. It is known globally and can be easily found available in every coffee shop in Amsterdam. Another factor that has caused this to become more prevalent globally is that this has been referenced in some of the Weed shows and by famous people in the rap industry. The White Widows weed strain is almost balanced at 60% Sativa and 40% Indica that delivers a cognitive high with a relaxing feel to it. This is perfect for patients who are looking to have a relaxing time to unwind and chill while still being lucid about their surroundings. This is especially perfect for stress, depression, PTSD and pain.

White Widow feminized seeds are also widely available today hence making this perfect for your garden may it be indoors or outdoors. The White Widow feminized seeds take an average of 60 days to mature and flower. White Widow feminized strain also produces buds that reach a high of 22.5% THC levels with Zero CBD. On a good grow, the White Widow strain can yield up to an average of 23 ounces per plant.

White Widow Strain Review

White Widow strain is a balanced hybrid that was first bred in the Netherlands by a well-known breeder the Green House Seeds. This is a crossbreed of the Brazilian Landrace Sativa and a resin-heavy South Indian Indica. This Marijuana has been a staple in every coffee shop in Amsterdam since the first white widow seeds have been bred in the ’90s. White Widow buds are white in appearance and are coated with crystallized resin, making itself known to you that its potent effects are coming. The notable effects are a sudden burst of a euphoric feeling and energy. This is also a stimulating strain that induces both sociability and talkativeness plus the artistic sense and creativity.

White Widow got its name from its appearance as its buds are coated with white crystals all over. Be careful though, this sweet hinted smoke may seem to be light while you initially puff but it dramatically expands which will then make you cough your brains out, which is not bad at all! White widow has a peppery citrus smell accompanied by a lemony flavor profile. This is a perfect outdoor activity strain, perfect for the beach or taking a nice walk up the hills. This is also perfect for the creative projects as this will spark great ideas and will pump up your juices with its energetic vibe.