Tangie Cookies Strain

Tangie Cookies Strain is known as Tangerine Cookies too. This is a sativa-focused hybrid and it was created by Elev8 Seeds. They did a very good job combining the Thin Mint Cookie strain with the Tangie, which tends to have a sour and citrus flavor. That’s why the flavor itself here is so distinctive, and you will find it incredibly interesting and rewarding at the same time.

If you can buy the Tangie Cookies, you will like the fact that the buds are similar to popcorn, very fluffy and incredibly interesting. The smell of earth and citrus dominates the entire experience, and then it brings in a sour, creamy menthol when you break the flower.

When it comes to its high, the Tangie Cookies has a fast and hard high. You will feel a sense of euphoria and happiness, and it makes it easier for you to deal with any anxiety or other similar issues. It’s one of the best highs you can have, it motivates you and that can bring in front a really rewarding experience every time.

A lot of people use Tangie Cookies to treat depression, chronic pain and even stress symptoms. The fact that you are getting quick alleviation clearly shows the tremendous value you can get here and the results on their own can be astounding every time. It really is an iconic product with a tremendous value and really good quality. You just don’t find anything as good right now on the market, so you have to check it out for yourself!