Sundae Driver Strain

The Sundae Driver strain of Cannabis Marijuana plant was created by the Cannarado Genetics and is a combination (hybrid) of two other varieties of the marijuana plant called Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie. The Sundae Driver Strain produces a uniquely multi-colored bud and it also has a unique aroma as well. It features a primarily olive green color with streaks of purple, with pistols of a reddish color and white trichomes finish off the color. The Sundae Driver Strain has a medium concentration of THC with a level that falls between 14% – 16%. At that level, you should not have to worry about being zoned out. Most people feel an immediate feeling of euphoria and somewhat energized and bit more mellow than other strains.

Cannabis Marijuana plants are now available in a larger number of varieties than ever before. More and more states pass laws allowing for medical use and even some that even are now allowing recreational use. This lead to an explosion of hybrid variations to be able from plant breeders. The combination of two available strains to produce a new unique strain is gaining popularity. Using plant cross-breeding techniques to create a specific concentration of THC and other characteristics.

Sundae Driver Effects

If you are looking for a good choice of smoke for a long drive (being a passenger, of course) you cannot go wrong with Sundae Driver. It will help you feel much more relaxed and able to better enjoy all of the scenery that passes you by. It has a nice pleasant aroma and the amount of THC will not leave you incapacitated, but instead give you a nice balance of energy and euphoria.