Squirt Strain

The Squirt Strain is a unique variety of Cannabis Marijuana plants created by the Humbolt Seed Company. The Cannabis Marijuana Plant is one of the two plants that belong to the parent plant Cannabis Sativa. The Cannabis Marijuana plant is grown throughout the country in areas that have legalized medical and recreational marijuana.

It is likely that there are hundreds if not thousands of varieties of Cannabis Marijuana plants available. These varieties are frequently developed in order to create a wide range of concentrations of the psychoactive compound known as THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the 100+ known cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Marijuana plant.

The Squirt Strain of Cannabis plant is much like a craft beer which can be found in hundreds or thousands of unique varieties, the Cannabis Marijuana plant can be developed through cross-breeding with other strains of plants in order to create a unique variety of plant that contains the desired concentration of THC and other cannabinoids.

Squirt Strain Effect

The Squirt Strain is an extremely rare variety of the Cannabis Marijuana Plant which delivers a mild calming effect after a short period of time after smoking a single .045g hit using a glass pipe. It contains a 14.98% concentration of THC which will create a decent buzz, but not too overwhelming. It will deliver all of the enjoyment and not leave you incapacitated and unable to do even basic functions around the house.

The Squirt Strain is a rare variety of Cannabis Marijuana that was bred by the Humbolt Seed Company. The unique variety of marijuana plant contains a specific concentration (14.98%) of THC and this is what determines what types of results you will get after smoking it in a glass pipe or bong. It is recommended to be smoked in very small doses (.045g) for the first time and slowly add more as you build up a tolerance.