Runtz Strain

Runtz strain is a sort-after cannabis all the way from LA. It is what you will call the best terpene profile, however, with different phenotypes. Runtz cannabis strain is neither an Indica dominant hybrid nor Sativa dominant hybrid because of its multiple phenotypes. The name Runtz is suspected to be crafted from the strain’s aromatic and flavour profile. Nevertheless, it is a cross of the infamous cross of Zkittlez strain and Gelato strain. Users of this strain are to consume cautiously as its highness settles too quickly than you may have expected.

The Structure of Runtz Cannabis Strain

With an incredible fruity profile, scenting like sugary candy, the Runtz strain is palatable and attracting. The buds are gummy, flaunting rich purple hues and hints of lime green. Runtz is popular for its creamy smoke; it is prevalent among big-time cannabis smokers.

When Runtz is allowed to cure properly, you’ll notice a garish array of colours – blue hints, purples hints, dark-greens hues, and even bright oranges tones. In fact, one of the most attracting features of this strain is its striking gaudy looks. The dense buds add to the flavour profile of this strain, as you could taste the sourness. Runtz was discovered by Bay Area breeders of the Cookies Family; it is a rare strain you won’t just see everywhere.

Composition and Effects of Runtz

Runtz Strain’s THC level is between 19 – 29%. That’s why massive and would definitely knock off a newbie after a few inhales. Runtz helps to ease depression, anxiety, stress, pains, etc. Also, it makes you feel ecstatic, happy, relaxed, hungry, etc.