Purple Kush Strain

Purple Kush strain projects the purple aspect in more than just a single way, the pink, deep red and violet colors it boasts will make it obvious that it is indeed the real Purple Kush. Its taste is surely relatable to anything purple, like candy, grapes and wine. It is its beauty and its defined flavor profile that makes this a sure winner. Plus, as a 100% Indica, it will make you happy, giggly and relaxed.

Purple Kush has a distinct and iconic aroma of sweet grapes and red wine that are all hinted with earthy notes. Its buds are composed of small bright neon nugs covered in intense purple and orange hairs with shades of violet. The buds are all frosted with white crystal trichomes and laden with sweet sticky resin all over.

Purple Kush Strain Review

Purple Kush is a pure Indica strain. This was an offspring between the cross of two very popular indica strains the Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush. Its dank buds were included on the list of Top 10 most powerful strains in the world by one popular magazine as this strain delivered a whopping 22% THC level and that’s on an average. It’s potency levels can surely go up higher if grown excellently.

Its high has a quick euphoric lift plus a head high that leaves you mildly introspective with numbness that resembles being pain frees. This has an instantaneous effect that starts in your head and continues to crawl throughout your body delivering a sedated feeling while being totally relaxed.

When Purple Kush starts to subside, it will ease you into a beautiful and sedated sleep that will last for hours and is so excellent for recovering. Because of its potent effects, this strain is highly recommended as medical marijuana to treat conditions like muscle spasms, insomnia, chronic pain and nerve damage.