Green Crack Strain

This is an all-time favorite, the Green Crack is a Sativa dominant hybrid which is an inbreed of Skunk #1. This strain is usually Sativa dominant but there has been a known version that is indica rich. Green Crack was coined by the famous rapper Snoop Dogg, However, this is also known as the Green Cush or simply Cush. This is a highly addictive stain that is also super potent with THC levels reaching up to 24%. The high is very cerebral, with a huge uplift in mood and a burst of energy. This strain triggers creativity and helps patients get treated. It is highly recommendable for treating depression and anxiety along with PTSD, ADHD and migraines.

The Green Crack Strain has a sweet taste with citrus tropical hints all over. Its buds are tightly packed and dense. This is also known for having dry mouth effects however dry eyes, paranoia and dizziness are almost nonexistent.

Green Crack Strain Review

Don’t let the name scare you, this is definitely marijuana we are referring to! The Green Crack has gotten its reputation as an amazing Sativa bud. This strain is a perfect option for morning glory smoke, movie trips or hanging out with your friends! Green Crack will surely do its job to make anything a fun-filled activity. The Green Crack strains buds have an amazing appearance with its smooth citrusy and fresh flavors and scents. This will surely get you relaxed, relieved with a mood uplifting high and happiness that will surely take your depression away and even trigger your creativity! The Green Crack strain will surely become one of your favorites after you have tried out this addictive and flavorful strain.