Grapefruit GG4 Strain

Grapefruit GG4 Strain is a sativa dominant cannabis can be identifiable by its vivid green flowers with bright orange pistils. It smells like a mild grapefruit with hints of citrus gasoline scents. Grapefruit GG4 strain packs around 17% to 24% THC and has a terpene profile that brings in Pinene, Limonene, Myrcene and Terpinolene.

Some describe the effects of the Grapefruit GG4 strain as heady and very unique. This is recommended for day time smoking due to the energy and focus that it gives. An excellent cerebral high that makes any simple task enjoyable and interesting. This strain also is becoming excellent for medical use as it is effective in treating muscle tension and stress and will surely allow you to have a more relaxing day both mentally and physically.

Grapefruit GG4 Strain Review

Grapefruit GG4 Strain is a potent Sativa dominant plant. A product of crossbreeding the famous Cinderella 99 with several high in grapefruit flavor fast flowering strains. Its citrusy tropical smell together with the grapefruit hints is palatable to any of its consumers. The effects are energetic together with euphoric, happy feelings that are excellent for relieving stress, anxiety or is even recommendable in sorting out migraines.

The Grapefruit GG4 strain was a creation of a known New Brunswick breeder called Edison Cannabis Co. They are also responsible for the creation of the Samurai Spy or Ninja fruit and the famous Chemdog.