Grape Ape Strain

The Grape Ape Strain is an indica that a lot of people enjoy because it has a very distinct flavor and coloring. It’s widely known for having dense buds, to the point where they are very similar to blackberries. There’s also a very a very deep purple coloring and you even smell the berries as soon as you consume it. You even get a skunky undertone if you want, which is quite incredible for something like this.

When it comes to the Grape Ape origins, people believe this is a combination between the Mendocino Purps hybrid as well as the Skunk no 1 and the Afghani indica. Unlike other indica strains, this one has around 16% on average, sometimes it can go up to 20% but it never goes beyond that. The high generated by this strain is very powerful. You will feel a stunning buzz throughout the body.

Grape Ape Strain Effect

Grape Ape Strain makes your muscles relax and the eyes start feeling a little heavy. Since it’s so powerful, it’s mostly recommended for night time. There are scents with multiple layers and the leaves are colored with a powerful green too. Grape Ape’s high usually starts mounting at a slow pace, and then you will start feeling weighty in both your limbs and your head.

Cultivating the Grape Ape strain is not something that novices should attempt at all, since it’s rather difficult to do and it requires a lot of hard work and attention. Growing it outdoors seems the right thing to do, because it resists on its own against bugs and any powerful diseases. Normally the plant won’t go over 4 feet, so it’s not very large, and it flowers within 2 months when you grow it inside, maybe faster if you grow it outside. Aside from being tough to grow, it can also be challenging to consume due to its powerful high, so it’s not the best for beginners!