Blissful Wizard Strain – Captain’s Connection

Blissful Wizard Strain is a well-balance Indica-Sativa hybrid. The bud was create by Captain’s Connection. This herb is extremely potent, with THC levels of up to 34%, hence it is reserved for seasoned cannabis connoisseurs. Blissful Wizard cannabis strain is desirable due to its effects and enticing flavor of citrus, sweet apples, and flowery cream, with a surprisingly pungent exhale. It can treat inflammation. Fatigue, muscle spasms/tremors, and nausea. Great for daytime and evening time use.

Structure of Blissful Wizard Strain

When you look at this strain, it appears like the bud is rolled in a flour or pure sugar; the ashy sprinkles all over the flower won’t make you think otherwise. However, it is published that this strain has an insanely high level of THC – up to 30%. The flower is somewhat greenish with hints of fiery orange hairs, and you can notice the white trichomes. Just a toke of this strain can hit you very hard; you should consume with caution.

Effects and Taste

Due to the intense, heady high effects of this strain, Blissful Wizard Strain helps to relief from depression, fatigue, and serves you much energy. The bud releases a pleasant sweet apple flavour with a sour taste of floral earth that becomes stronger when you exhale.