Zurple Punch Strain

Zurple Punch strain looks quite attractive when you see it from afar and near; it is a typical, appealing marijuana strain. The strain is a result of crossing the popular Skittles strain with Purple Punch. Hence, the letter “Z” used in replacing the letter “P” in the name. According to reviewers, Zurple Punch is one of the best bred you can cultivate and also exploit. Notwithstanding, this strain’s effects are very much assertive, so you have to utilize it with caution.

The Structure of Zurple Punch Strain

Looking at the flowers when they have fully cured, you will spot shades of dark olive greens and ashy violets. The flower is dominant of sharp orange pistils, which somehow adds to the flavor/scent you perceive when you smell this bred. Zurple Punch is simply good-looking and attractive. The buds are large and sticky. This strain is coming from Skookum farms, and it contains a high THC level, along with other terpenes. It takes about eight weeks for Zurple Punch to cure fully, and it can be cultivated indoor/outdoor.

Taste of Zurple Punch

You’ll get this steamy sour taste when you inhale this strain, and when you exhale, it tastes like some fresh citrus and tart. In fact, Zurple Punch tastes different from other similar strains, but the effects are likely the same.

THC Composition and Effects

Lab tests showed that this strain has up to 26% THC – it is a very strong bred capable of doing many things to the body. Reported effects of Zurple Punch include ecstasy, happy, hungry, dizzy, relaxing, uplifting, and more. It can also help to relax chronic pains, insomnia, nausea, etc.