Samurai Spy (Ninja Fruit) Strain

Samurai Spy (Ninja Fruit) is an ocean grown seed strain that is hybrid characterized by a potent Haze scent with a unique and a class on its own with its foliage that has beautiful shades of purple. This is a crossbreed between Grape Ape and the Grapefruit Haze. OG or ocean grown strains create a cerebral and euphoric high that is uplifting that delivers a good conversation, creativity and appetite. This is known to have high levels of terpenes as well such as pinene and myrcene and is perfect for mood enhancement and excellent sense of wellness.

Samurai Spy (Ninja Fruit) Strain Review

Samurai Spy (Ninja Fruit) strain is another product of the Edison Cannabis Company. Samurai Spy (Ninja Fruit) Strain is a hybrid that comes with a sweet grape taste with piney and spicy hints. Its crimson colored pistils are laden on greenish lavender buds that have high levels of THC. Every strain grown by this breeder is backed with data and is grown in controlled and specific grow rooms to maintain highly consistent crops every time. The company also has special packaging for each of its products to ensure you have your buds preserved with the same quality for a long time.