Gelonade Strain

Gelonade Strain is typical and very strong; it is the strongest strain from Connected Cannabis, delivering stony high effects that most marijuana lovers crave to experience. Well, this hybrid is gotten when you cross Gelato #41 strain and Lemon Tree strain. Gelato #41 is one of the most potent strains coming from Connected Cannabis.

More so, the Gelonade strain won Best Sativa Flower at the Cannabis Cup event in 20109 – it has been confirmed by users to be a powerful strain that kicks in from your head and then to other parts of the body progressively as you keep inhaling/smoking. You’ll find this hyped variety from Connected Cannabis on most top shelves across California.

Structure of Gelonade

Inheriting the properties of its parent strains, Gelonade has got this thick, sweet-lemon terpenes blended with the creamy berry and cookies flavour of Gelato. You’ll notice the buds to appear greeny, but with purple hues – there’s also some hint of pink colour flirts, and white crystal trichomes noticeable on the flowers. The structure of this strain is more of Gelato (which appears denser) than the Lemon Tree.

Also, this is a Sativa dominant hybrid, containing about 70% Sativa and just 30% Indica. The THC level is rated 22% – 26%, and the bud has a grape-shape with minty thick nugs and furry orange hairs.

Taste and Effects

Reviewers confirm that Gelonade’s high is impressive and it tastes so cool. The taste is sour citrus lemon with hints of vanilla cookies when you exhale. Some reported effects of this strain include aroused, energizing, sociable, tingly, etc.