Forbidden Jelly Strain

The Forbidden Jelly Strain has an spicy yet earthy aroma accompanied with sweet tropical fruits with citrus hints, with undertones of berries and cherries. This strain is not as vibrant as its relaxing effects will surely bring your body to a more laid back feeling that would lead to couch lock. The effects can be felt immediately in the head and will target your eyes with a heavy droop. This will eventually run through your body leaving a sedated feeling accompanied with relaxation and munchies!

Forbidden Jelly Strain Review

Forbidden Jelly Strain is considered as a rare Indica dominant hybrid. This is a result of crossing the Jelly Breath North Cascade with the Forbidden Fruit. They say one toke is enough to get you craving for this mouthwatering delicious fruity taste with hints of sugary berry and cherry flavors that is tropical in nature and earthy at the same time.

This strain has been recorded at 20% THC levels. Forbidden Jelly Strain is perfect for medical use for treating cramps and muscle spasms, headaches and migraines as well as stress! The appearance of the buds are fluffy popcorn like nugs that are laden with purple shades and orange hairs all covered in a purple tinted crystal trichome.