Cherry Pie Strain

Cherry Pie strain is a widely known that comes with a scent similar to hash. It’s a hybrid that’s very well balanced and it has a cherry undertone as well as spices. The leaves are green and you will notice some orange, velvety hairs when this is good for harvesting. You will have around 16 to 18% THC in this and that alone makes it incredibly powerful. Most people find it cerebral and it certainly helps maintain a clear head while also boosting your mood. Some even experience a boot in appetite.

Usually, you will find Cherry Pie to offer you a way to ease the small insomnia issues naturally and it does make it easy for you to relax your muscles while also removing most of the minor pains. That alone makes it great for newcomers and experienced people alike. You will encounter a few side effects like dry eyes and dry mouth. Some people even experienced dizziness, but that’s something that will not stay for long. You will notice that Cherry Pie tends to grow the best in the Mediterranean climates and it does take up to 9 weeks to reach the flowering time.

This is a very good, powerful strain and one that can make a huge difference. You want to test it out and give it a shot just because it’s so reliable and dependable, and it definitely gets the job done in a very rewarding and powerful manner.