Cannabis Business Social Networks List

Here is the list of the top cannabis business social networks. We picked the 10 best marijuana social media networks online. If it is called a social network, a social media platform, or a social media network – it simply refers to a place where you can connect and chat with lots of people of like minds. Now, we are discussing cannabis business social network, what does it imply?

What is a cannabis business social network?

It is not obvious that the top/popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. do not support cannabis content or posts. Thus, cannabis stain lovers have resorted to have their private social networks where they can be free to chat, share stuff, and do business with people who think and love what they love.

Thus, a cannabis business social network is simply a social media platform for people who love marijuana strains, a.k.a. Cannabis. On these platforms, users can freely share their opinions and experiences while exploiting certain popular or new-entry strains, as well as discuss business(es). Anyone you find on any of these social networks is definitely a like-minded person.

The best cannabis social networks to join

As cannabis is gradually becoming legalized in many states and countries, the need to join a cannabis social network is important; however, if you’re a strain lover. This article lists the best cannabis business social networks you should check out. Interestingly, you can foster cannabis businesses on these platforms and possibly get paid.

1. Duby

This platform is one of the old cannabis social networks – it was launched a long time ago when cannabis was not yet legal in many regions. Duby remains one of the best platforms to join as a strain lover. However, in order to register with this platform, you must have to download the mobile app for iOS or Android. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a web app or a version; it’s more like Snapchat – you can only use the platform on mobile. But it’s pretty interesting, and there are millions of like-minded people to meet on Duby.

2. GrassCity Forums

If you’ve used Reddit or Quora, or any other forum before now, then you will understand how this cannabis forum works. It is a special forum where registered users are free to ask questions, share answers, and create threads relating to anything cannabis or strains. GrassCity Forums is also an old platform with so many users. However, unlike Duby, you can register and use this forum without downloading any mobile app.

3. Leaf Wire

Leaf Wire is quite new to the game, but it is growing at a rapid rate – the network already boasts of hundreds of thousands of registered users. Interestingly, LeafWire is strictly for cannabis business and not more of a social platform to use as you’d use Facebook and co. This cannabis network is more like the “LinkedIn” of cannabis social network channels. Anyone you find on LeafWire is mainly there for business and not chit-chatting. Registered cannabis businesses leverage LeafWire to recruit employees.

4. Weedable

This platform isn’t just a social network for cannabis lovers; it is also a somewhat online store where users can buy directly from verified stores. Weedable is a great cannabis social network and has an intuitive interface that is very easy to understand. Registered users on this platform gain access to the always-active community to connect with so many other people of like-minds. It is a great place for every strain lover to check out. Also, companies that deal on hybrid strains can create business profiles and get followed by their existing customers on the platform or new customers looking up to trying new hybrids.

5. WeedLife

WeedLife is one of the predominant cannabis social networks for business and also chit-chatting with people who have the same motive as you do. This platform has newsfeed just like Facebook, where you can see posts from the companies and people you follow on the platform. It is a vast network of cannabis lovers, and WeedLife has been in existence since 2013. Just as you can do on Facebook, you can post your products (if you have), and people can get to comment and share the post.

6. MjLink

This network is a subsidiary of WeedLife. It is a new network, and the core aim of the people behind this network is to create a platform where cannabis lovers can run businesses at ease. If you’re more interested in pioneering cannabis business more than chit-chatting with fellow strain lovers, then, MjLink is an excellent network to join. It allows you to sign up or sign with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

7. MassRoots

Arguably, this is the best cannabis social media platform; it is not just a place to meet with other people of like-mind but also a place to learn new things about new cannabis hybrids. There are currently over 1 million registered users on MassRoot, you probably won’t get to connect with all of them, but you’ll surely make a lot of friends, and possibly business partners.

8. Bud Hubz

Bud Hubz is a disciplined social network for cannabis lovers to connect, chat, and do businesses following a swift process. The platform is intuitive, and it’s easy to navigate through the menus and sections of the mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS devices. BudHuz is a place to find dispensaries, headshops, doctors, get recommendations, and do more stuff online. It is similar to Foursquare, and it is one of the best.

9. 420 Singles

Well, this isn’t actually a cannabis business social network. But as the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, 420 singles is a unique platform to meet and date with singles who love cannabis strains as you do. It is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, and it is an impressive place to connect and hook up with singles.

10. WeedCircles

Last but not least on this list is WeedCircles, a kind of mainstream cannabis business social network where you can explore a lot of resources, as well as run cannabis businesses. WeedCircles has been around for a long time; it is a platform you can trust with your details. You can see a lot of things on this platform, all for free!