Black Cherry Punch Strain

The Black Cherry Punch Strain of Cannabis Marijuana Plant was created by In House Genetics by cross-breeding two different varieties of Cannabis plants to come up with this unique plant. It produces a mainly dark greenish color with the orange mixed in. It is pretty potent with a THC concentration of 25% and a just a tiny amount of CBD (cannabinol) naturally. Due to the high amount of THC, the high you will feel is fairly strong, but not enough to incapacitate you for a long period of time.

Cannabis Marijuana is a high producing plant that is part of the Cannabis Sativa Plant family. With more and more states making medical and creational use of marijuana legal the more varieties of Cannabis Marijuana plants have begun popping up. There are roughly hundreds if not thousands of varieties of Cannabis Marijuana Plants many of then are cross-breeds of two different varieties to come up with a single more unique strains. In the case of the Black Cherry Punch Strain, it created a very potent result.

Black Cherry Punch Strain Effect

When smoked Black Cherry Punch Strain produces a mellow and relaxing high that keeps you stimulated and happy. You will still be fully functional, but you will feel like munching shortly after smoking it. The only real negative effect associated with it is a bit of dry mouth, but keep some water nearby and you should be just fine.

Black Cherry Punch Cannabis Strain is a unique variety of Cannabis Marijuana Plant that was created by cross-breeding two other varieties of Cannabis Plants. This process is designed to produce a brand new plant that combines the popular characteristics of both plants into one. The combination of the Purple Punch and Black Cherry Pie plants produced the Black Cherry Punch Strain.