Banana Mango Strain

Banana Mango strain is the creation of the Humboldt Seed Company. This is a crossbreed between the Blueberry muffin and the Banana OG. Its buds are frosty lime in color with strong hints of fruitiness to it. Banana Mango strain is getting referred to as a smoothie as its tasty candy-like banana flavor with hints of mango flavor. This is a truly tropical feel strain that will automatically bring you to a beach vacation where you are calm and settled.

Banana Mango Strain Review

Those that have tried Banana Mango Strain will say this blew their minds! With flavors and aroma of ripe bananas, its smoke is very pungent and is quite pleasant on the lungs. This is one of the smoothest smoke out there. This is nothing to joke about as this will truly bring you to trance. This is highly recommended for pain, depression and anxiety and is excellent to calm down your nerves.

The effects of Banana Mango strains are relaxing and euphoric at the same time plus it is very tasty and super potent. Truly a class on its own. The effects of the Banana Mango strain are said to be on the longer side of things.