Animal Cookies Strain

Animal Cookies Strain is an indica-focused cannabis and a very interesting one to boot. You will notice this is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and the Fire OG. It’s a great combo of 2 very popular strains that stand out with their quality and really good value. On top of that, as its name suggests, this has a cherry cookie flavor. The idea was to improve the regular Girl Scout Cookies strain and come up with something even better.

An interesting thing about Animal Cookies is the fact that this strain usually delivers buds in the shape of popcorn that has lots of white trichomes and some unique wispy orange stigmas. The creator of Animal Cookies states that this strain is actually developing larger yields and it’s also a lot more potent when compared to the original. It’s one of those strains that needs to grow indoors for the best efficiency.

You will get more than 20% THC in this one, and based on our experience it delivers a tremendous quality and value for the money. It’s super reliable, dependable and it certainly gets the job done in a very rewarding and powerful manner.

According to the Animal Cookies terpene profile, there’s a lot of myrcene, caryophyllene and humulene in this. It’s one of those strains that have a flowering period of up to 10 weeks, that’s why it makes a lot of sense to grow it indoors, and it will bring in front some tremendous benefits and a good value for every consumer!